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Superegg (Lumn Inc)

Sound Renewal Serum Cream

Sound Renewal Serum Cream

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Sound Renewal is a nourishing gel moisturizer with an innovative blend of high-performing botanical extracts and antioxidants. This versatile, lightweight formula bathes the skin in vital nutrients for a fresh, luminous complexion.

  • —Suited for: Gentle on all skin types
  • —Functions: Replenishes hydration and moisture levels, softens and soothes, protects, renews elasticity
  • —Skin feels: Dewy and supple
  • —Texture: Light, nourishing gel-cream
  • —Scent: Fragrance-free
  • —Clinically Tested: Hypoallergenic. Safe for sensitive skin.
  • —Certified: V-Label®
  • —Packaging: The primary packaging of Sound Renewal Serum Cream is patented in US, KR, JP, and CN.
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