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Red light Eye Massager

Red light Eye Massager

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1.Electric eye beauty instrument, your indispensable fairy wand, helps you care for the skin around the eyes, so that you have bright and smart eyes.
2.Sonic vibration + red light + EMS micro current + magnetic force introduction, promote blood circulation, increase skin absorption rate, tighten and lift the skin around the eyes, and rejuvenate the skin.
3.42℃ constant temperature hot compress + nano skin rejuvenation lamp, effectively dilute melanin, relieve eye fatigue, and improve various eye problems, such as eye edema, dark circles, bags under the eyes, eye lines, etc.
4.The metal massage head can be rotated 330° to better adapt to different parts such as around the eyes and lips, and is suitable for eyes, face and neck.
5.The compact and lightweight eye beauty device is easy to store and carry, so you can care for the skin around your eyes anytime, anywhere.

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