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Lake & Skye Discovery Set

Lake & Skye Discovery Set

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The perfect way to discover the collection including our newest scents and best sellers, including four 2ML spray sample vials of 11 11, Saffron Dusk, Midnight 07 and Cote du Paradis. 

11 11 - The best selling, 2x award-winning blend of musk and white ambers.

Saffron Dusk - Dark florals, spicy woods and a musky cool. A blend of saffron, pepper, neroli, rose and vetiver. 

Midnight 07 - An alluring, fruity fragrance balancing 07 key notes including yuzu, amber, vetiver, rose, fig, vanilla and patchouli. 

Cote Du Paradis - A sweet and uplifting scent inspired by sunny beach days with notes of palo santo, almond, and tonka bean.

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