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The Wine Savant (faire)

Golf Ball Bottle Stopper

Golf Ball Bottle Stopper

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The Golf Ball Wine Bottle Stopper is the perfect blend of style, functionality, and fun, making it an exceptional accessory for wine enthusiasts and golf lovers alike. This unique wine plug is designed to preserve your wine in a distinctive and playful manner. At 3.8 inches in length, it fits most standard wine bottles and adds a touch of elegance to your wine storage. What sets this wine bottle stopper apart is its eye-catching glass golf ball at the end. Crafted with precision, the golf ball captures the essence of the sport in a miniature form. The glass ball is not only an aesthetic delight but also a functional seal that keeps your favorite red wines fresh and flavorful. It ensures that your wine stays as delightful as when you first uncorked it. One of the standout features of this wine bottle stopper is its ability to catch and refract light. It's a small yet charming detail that makes it a conversation piece when you have guests over.

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