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Whiskey River Soap Co. (faire)

Whiskey River Soap Co - Cool Dads Candle

Whiskey River Soap Co - Cool Dads Candle

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Yeah, you know who you are.
You're never going to be your father, no way. That guy was so uptight, and seemed a million years old. You're more the type who "connects" with his kids, can "drop in" at the skate park, and shops at the same clothing stores as they do. You're simply the envy of parent pick-up. And yes. You're probably in a band.

Custom Oil Blend Scented
Fragrance: Patchouli, Mahogany & Rockrose
Net Weight: Approximately 10 oz.
Burn time: 60 hours
Note: Because all of our candles are handmade, no two are identical.

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