We integrate art, beauty, authenticity, knowledge and thoughtfulness with an innovative touch to create a multi-dimensional experience for our employees, artisans and customers. Whether you experience The Art of Creating in our store, Out of Hand, or through Ooh! Events, we want you to be inspired by our imaginative spirits. We work to foster an environment of creative expression and inspiration with the knowledge that anything is possible when we work together!


"I view myself as a conduit in connecting; people, ideas, art, places, beautiful things and concepts. I love nothing more than daydreaming ideas, but more than that, I thrive on bringing them to life with an incredible cast of characters! I am so lucky that I get to work with so many creative souls; people with a passion for excellence and find so much joy in making people happy. It’s truly one of life’s great gifts! The Art of Creating has been a dream since I was 15 years old and I have spent a lifetime on windy roads, evolving and refining ideas to make everyone’s experience better all the time." - Lisa Thomas

Meet The Team

Out of Hand 
Claire DeVeaux, Lead Buyer & Creative/Operational Director
Lindsey Ellis, Marketing Director
Terrie Clarke, Lead Stylist 
Megan Doherty
Susan Hayward, Sales Associate 
Leacy Kelley, Sales Associate 
Sandra VanGuilder, Sales Associate 
Ooh! Beautiful 
Blair Mathis, Makeup Artist 
Andi Schwartz, Skincare Specialist 
Out of the Garden 
Naomi Wallace, Floral Designer 
Susanne Davis, Floral Designer 
Maria Mendez, Floral Designer 
Ally Paige, Floral Designer 
Brooke Sheppard, Floral Sales & Designer 
Dionne Gada, Floral Designer