Sapelo: Rosemary Cleanser
$ 38.00

Sapelo: Rosemary Cleanser

Developed for oily and normal skin types, Sapelo’s Rosemary Cleanser washes away dirt and debris without stripping the skin’s natural oils. Seaweed hydrates and conditions, leaving the skin perfectly prepped for absorbing active ingredients. Two powerful antioxidants–green tea and rosemary oil–work together to protect the skin from free radicals.

Our exclusive, all natural formulation feeds your complexion essential vitamins and minerals. A favorite for men because it regulates oil output, our Rosemary Cleanser hydrates, nourishes and detoxifies.

Application: Pump a quarter-sized amount of cleanser onto hand or washcloth. Gently work cleanser into skin. Rinse twice with warm water.

Size: 6 oz (180 ml)