The Classic White Blouse Three Ways

by Store Main Email on January 29, 2021

Written by Judy Brown, an Out of Hand Stylist.

Take the road less traveled with accessories!
Now is the time to refresh. Nothing says refresh better than a crisp white blouse. Woman for generations have benefited from the brightening magic of wearing white close to their face. Just say pearls, ladies! With a swap of accessories, a new white blouse can set the stage for endless fashion possibilities, Grandma’s pearls included. A lady can’t have too many beautiful white blouses but she can have too many dingy, stained or poorly fitting ones. So as always, the first step is to edit. Line up all of your white tops and give them a thorough once over in good lighting. Be relentless. Only keep the ones in like new condition. Likely the ones purchased even last season do not fit that description. Yellowing, coffee and red sauce stains be dammed. Now shop for a few basics at a lesser price point, buy
multiples when the price is right. Splurge on one or two with captivating details. Remember these tops will be the work horses of your wardrobe, and will have you looking and feeling fresher and more youthful while doing it.

Now comes the fun part! Lay out your favorite jeans, black pants and go to skirt from your closet. These are the building blocks. Swap scarves, jewelry, belts, bags and shoes to create new and exciting looks. Mix textures and hews. Pair something fine and feminine with something casual and rugged. Practice makes perfect with this part. Top and bottom proportions have to feel right. Trust your gut and don’t be shy about trying new combinations. Remember it is just a few basics reimagined. Make the commitment to revisit your white top collection every season with an eye to edit. Keep it crisp and fresh and you will always be in style.

Shown here: the same white blouse and Levi's jeans from Out of Hand styled three ways to take you from day to night, work to happy hour and beyond! 


1st: TBA blazer, Huma Blanco shoes and a Johnny Was Scarf 

2nd: Green Knit Sweater with Cowhide handbag, Cydwoq shoes


3rd: Ester Top, Python Clutch, Cydwoq shoes


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