How to: Evening Eye Look

by Lucie Wall on October 28, 2019

RMS launched their new Hidden Desire holiday palette and with help from Blair & Lindsey, we created an evening eye look! 

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Step 1

Create an even base with RMS un-cover up. The concealer smooths the canvas and works as a great primer! 


Step 2

Blair added an even layer of immortal, a peachy copper color, all over Lindsey's eyelid.


Step 3 

Next, add a bit more color with true love, a pink shadow, to the outer corner of the eye.





Step 4


Add guilty (a copper color) and lady vanish, a brown shadow with purple undertones, to the outer corner and crease of the eye.

Don't forget to blend, blend, blend!

Step 5

Blair used Jane Iredale Brown pencil eyeliner to create a thin brown line on the lid. Create short strokes to minimize mess ups. Accidents happen, so keep Q-Tips and some micellar water nearby!





Step 6

Set your liner like you set your foundation, with a powder! Blair used a thin angled brush and RMS tempting touch-76 to set the liner (see below).

Step 7

Mascara! Make sure to get the top of the lashes and the underneath of the lashes. We recommend Blinc or Fitglow mascara.

Step 8

Blair added passion play pressed blush from the palette to Lindsey's cheeks to give her a rosy glow. 

Voila! Doesn't she look Ooh! beautiful?

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