Gift Guide: For the picky man

by Lucie Wall on November 01, 2019

Finding the perfect gift is already difficult, but even more so for the man in your life who constantly "doesn't want anything." Check out our ideas below - maybe these are just the gifts he never knew he needed!

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For the man with a sense of humor 

Goorin Bros. baseball hats are sure to entice a chuckle from your guy - and we promise he hasn't had a hat like these! The dad joke worthy styles come in Big 
Horn Hat, Silver Fox, Lone Wolf, Squirrel Master & Big Strut.

For the "grill master"

Have him be the King of the Grill with a portable grill. Now let's see how long those burgers will take.... Add on a swiss army style set of grill tools & a USB electric lighter and we will be excited to receive coal from Santa!









For the man with a "manly scent":

Want your man smelling fresh? Try tempting him with these ~manly~ self care products!

Let us wrap these together in a wooden gift box for you for just an extra $5 for small (example on the bottom left) or $12 for large (example on bottom right), OR check out these pre-made gift boxes:


For the man with style:

We recommend Smathers & Branson embroidered belts or Hook & Hide leather belts (the buckles double as bottle openers!) Smathers & Branson have a preppier feel, with lowcountry inspired patterns. From the left; Nautical Flag, Charleston Scene, Fish, Crossed Clubs & SC designs.





Hook & Hide belts and buckles have a more southern rustic look, with the brass buckles designed to look like different fish & shells.

The belts and buckles are sold separately so your man can mix and match! The belts are available in brown and black, and the buckles are: Redfish, Sailfish, Dolphin Fish, Bone Fish, Mako Shark, Rainbow Trout and Oyster Shells.


 See even more ideas here: Men's Swagger or stop by in store!



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