Fall Fad: The Colors of Fall 2019

by Lucie Wall on October 21, 2019

Every year, Pantone and New York Fashion week showcase the go to colors for the next season, in this instance, Fall-Winter 2019-2020. When looking around the store to see what we received this fall, I can already tell we are presenting these on trend colors. I picked my top five (out of 16) to add color to your wardrobe during this season of black!


Speaking of black, this year navy is on center stage as a dark neutral. 

The days of nixing black & navy together are over instead you are seeing the previously taboo pair styled together this fall & winter. 

Try: Beth Navy Blazer and Leandro Navy Pant





Green is one of my go to colors for fall - maybe because the rest of the world has become orange, brown, & yellow?

This muted green (or guacamole in the Pantone family - yum) is flattering on all skin tones and would pair beautifully with gold, cream, grey, or hues of blue. 

Love this color? Try: Mikal Winn Cuff or Green Ruched Top           


Mustard is a fall classic and even though Pantone took it bright this season, I am going to stick to the tried and true. 

Try: Velvet Trousers in Sienne


RAWR - that's one bright color! This fall, the brighter, the better. We saw bright shades of fuschia, orange, yellow on the runway to add a pop of color. 

Clemson fans, your color is finally on trend ;) This looks great with a lighter washed denim or even with navy!

Try: our Orange Sweater or clutches from Tracey Tanner (call to order)




Make a twist on the winter whites (no more "no white after Labor Day" in 2019!) with a lovely cream color. 

Try:  Cable Knit Pullover



What is your favorite fall color? Let me know below!














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