Color in winter? Um, yes!

by Lucie Wall on December 18, 2019

It's no secret that one of my favorite colors is grey (currently wearing grey & black as I write this) but don't let the winter weather influence your wardrobe! Stand out in a crowd of black, brown, and grey with C O L O R !

There used to be so many fashion "rules", like: don't mix black & blue, don't wear white after Labor Day, don't mix patterns....but y'all, it's almost 2020! Say it with me: C O L O R  is COOL. 

Now, there's a fine line between not enough color and too much color, so we have curated several winter appropriate yet colorful outfits!

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Featured colors: ORANGE, NAVY & HOT PINK 

The key with bright colors is balance. The True Love Sweater is a neutral tan with a touch of hot pink writing & orange around the wrist. It balances the main focus of color: the Block Party Skirt. The outfit is rooted with grey Ash Ponyhair Boots.



With this more casual look, we picked one main color to focus on :  azure blue, and paired the outfit around these Blue Chino Pants. Ground your look with a neutral color like these light grey Sallie Nubuck J Slides (with built in height without dealing with the pain of heels). The Confetti Cowl Sweater is the perfect mix of color and neutral, and adds a subtle pattern to the look. 

Still not convinced color in winter is for you? Well, our local camellia flowers tend to disagree...if they can bloom in winter, so can you! Stop in store and ask one of our stylists to help you add some color to your wardrobe! 





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