Lisa's Reflections on 2019 & looking forward to 2020

by Lisa Thomas on January 01, 2020











The end of a year is such an emotional time, the end of a decade is overwhelming! As they say, it was the very best of times, sprinkled with the worst of times.  A decade of growth, but the more I have learned the more I realize I still don’t know!

As I look back, I chose to be grateful for it all!  While the loss of my mother was hard, followed by a family trauma that was the most difficult roller coaster ride that I have witnessed, not in the movies of course. The long goodbye is filled with many lessons and the reality is that no matter how much time we are given, it’s never long enough.

While these things have been under the surface the entire ten years, I mention them to share with others that it's okay to ask for help and things do get better with time.

We all have the ability to deal with hardship and yet allow goodness to flow from those experiences — tomorrow will always be a new day with a new perspective. 

It’s amazing to look back and see that while all that was going on, I also able to experience the best years of my life!  Emma graduating and off to college becoming her best self – she is my greatest gift.

The store will be celebrating 25 years this year and I continue to grow and learn how to run an event company, Ooh! Events, just being a part of creating so much job.  There is still work to be done but there has been so much forward motion, and I am so very grateful for the OOH team!  The amazing customers we are so lucky to serve, the characters, artists and vendors sharing their gifts, my furry friends that share love and patience, and my friends and family that hold me up!  This season I am reminded that hardship can show you a wonderful life!

For the next decade, there is so much to still do and much more to learn.  But I hope things will settle in and that the pace of my days will allow for more reflection. That I will worry less and enjoy a bit more. That we will all be a little more mindful and less distracted by the tasks at hand and to be more present with each day. That harshness will be less of an acceptable norm in our society and a little more kindness is shared on a daily basis. Those of you that know me, know I love to change things up and change is on the horizon.

Pitt Street will be evolving with town infrastructure scheduled for the Old Village. It will be a tough year and we ask for your continued kindness and support. We will continue to give you the best possible experience despite the challenges of construction on Pitt Street.

In January and February, then again in July and August, half the street will be closed, making it a bit more challenging to visit us. But we will offer delivery services, working on a golf cart to shuttle from your car, pop up locations, family fun, kindness, inspiration and the weekends it will be business as usual – God willing.  Please don’t give up on us, as we want to continue to serve our Village and we will keep communicating the progress of our facelift.

We are forever grateful for the kindness you have shared with us and wish 2020 will bring you all health and happiness!

 - Lisa


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by Diane Dodds Levesque on February 13, 2020

Lisa, that was a gift ! Thank u for the work you do. Thank you for reminding us that we can make a difference everyday by our kindness and respect to the rest of society one person at a time..


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