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Hunter Brooks Charcoal Scrub: A Word with the Creator

Posted on: April 18th, 2014 by admin

Right now I am staring down less than 100 days until I turn forty. I know everyone says what great skin I have and yes, some of it is in the genes, but a lot of it is the work I’ve put into it.
I am not a good person. I rarely pass a bottle of wine without testing it out, you know for the sake of others just incase it’s gone bad. I am quitting smoking, please don’t judge too harshly. And I was a swimmer all of my life and still don’t wear sunscreen all that much. I even sleep in my makeup more often than I care to admit. See, not a good person.
About fifteen years ago my girlfriend who is an amazing friend but also a bad person, we were sitting in her art gallery guzzling wine when we realized we either become better people for the sake of our aging or figure out how to cheat. We started asking some of the women that were coming in what their secrets were and a few ingredients kept popping up again and again. Persian ladies and ladies of Asain descent all said that they made their own sugar scrub and used it daily. Olive oil and coconut oil were also biggies. We went to work. The scrub that you see now was perfected over fifteen years and too many girlfriend happy hours that I care to admit.

How It Works & What Is In It

The Activated Charcoal Sugar Scrub contains
Activated Charcoal
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Castile soap.

The sugar scrub I make is different in that one of the main ingredients is activated charcoal, a detoxifying substance. Not only is my product locally made, all organic, all natural and hand made but contains one of the strongest detoxifying ingredients there is without drying the skin.

Activated charcoal is carbon and can be made from anything from hardwood to bamboo. I use virgin coconut shells that are heavily ground by hand. To activate the carbon it is heated to 800 degrees so it expands to max its surface area making it extraordinarily porous. How porous? A gram of active charcoal has the surface area of roughly 5400 square feet or the size of a football field.

These pores are micro-pores and work by electrical attraction called adsorbtion. It pulls molecules, atoms and ions towards its surface and stick to the charcoal. Toxins are attracted to activated charcoal pulling them out of your skin’s surface clearing your face and body of acne and bacteria. Medicinally, it is used in hospital to remove poisonous substances from your body, alcohol and drugs, mercury, snake venom and spider bites. It is also used in Brita water filters, pool filters and gas masks

The second ingredient is sugar. Sugar not only exfoliates the skin but sugar cannot breed bacteria so it is a safe base for the scrub and will have a good shelf life.

Coconut oil, as I think everyone has become aware of in the past year, pulls out bacteria while also helping even skin tones, such as pulling down sun spots and taking some of the redness out of scars.

The coconut oil and olive oil are great at hydrating the skin leaving you feeling soft, not oil slicked.

Castile soap is a big part of what makes this scrub so different. Castile soap has been made since 1529. It is made from olive oil so it is gentle but thoroughly cleanses for even the most sensitive of skins. Castile soap is a great cleaning agent without leaving the skin dry and taught.


This is the same recipe I use everyday on my face and body. The product is designed to help with any skin conditions without drying and has a soap component in it so that extra drying soaps are unnecessary.

I sell the 2 oz. samples for $8 and the 16 oz. containers for $22 a jar. My goal is to make this affordable enough so that everyone can afford to use it everyday and not just for that special occasion. It comes in two fragrances which I have kept slight so as to not overwhelm your perfumes or lotions, peppermint and lavender.

Make Your Day Yours!

Posted on: April 11th, 2014 by admin

How to Make it Your Own

We all know that beautiful decor, stunning florals, that chandelier that has Pinterest all a-buzz, and the magic sunset illuminating the Charleston harbor are all reasons that gals just have to get married in Charleston. Let’s face it, weddings here are just fabulous … from start to finish. But it’s the details that are remembered. It’s the little pieces that speak to the couple that receive the rave reviews. What makes your love special? Share it with the world … heck, it’s why they traveled to Charleston in the first place!

Floral Containers 

Did your grandmother hand down milk glass from her grandmother? Or did she collect tea tins from wherever she traveled? Basically, anything these days can be a floral container, and the ingenuity is breathtaking. As florists, we enjoy seeing the little pieces and heirlooms that our brides bring us and we love finding ways to bring it back to life. Whether we’re wrapping a bouquet in vintage lace from your mother’s veil or popping buds into unconventional containers, it’s all about sharing the story of your story and how you two came to be “you two.”


Something Sweet

The conventional cake is a thing of the past. Now, it’s all about options … as if weddings didn’t have enough options! We’ve had brides print photos of their furry friends and even have their mothers and grandmothers provide the sweets for the occasion. It’s comfort food. It serves to remember the traditions that were born and nurtured when you were a child and long before that, and that will nurture the children you’ll someday have and long after that. It’s definitely worth the extra effort – and guests just go crazy for the “cutesy” affect.


View More: http://kathythomasphotography.pass.us/christ

The Guestbook

Here is where we see our brides’ ingenuity come out swinging. We’ve had signed quilt squares, polaroids taken, signed and archived in vintage books. We even had one gal have guests carve a wooden bench with their John Hancock. We had a lifesaver from a sail boat serve as a guest book for a couple of sailing enthusiasts. But not only is this a way to pay homage to the things that keep you two laughing, and enjoying one another, but it’s a way to remember the people that made the moment such a great one.

  Wedding Photographer


How will you say it?

Words that inspire you? Your vows? The story of your courtship? From programs to napkins we’ve had couples share “The Story of Us” and the words that get you from day to day. Guests love it, it highlights your wedding album, and one day your kids will just go crazy for this fun and festive way that you told your tale.






It should be special, fun and speak to who you and your fiance are as a pair. It is, after all, your wedding. 

Candy Shop Vintage launches Charleston Rice Beads!

Posted on: April 4th, 2014 by admin


One of our very own Style Mavens, Deirdre Zahl, of Candy Shop Vintage has launched her newest collection

Charleston Rice Beads!



 The confetti placements and gold flatware from Polished! pair perfectly with our turquoise croc tops.



The George Gallery on Bogard was the perfect backdrop for this festive fete!acandy0036


 There was even a special appearance by Ryan Gosling!

Hey, girl, get some Charleston Rice Beads!







Photos by Clay Austin!

Swoon & Out of Hand Hit the Runway at Charleston Fashion Week – Photos by ANP Photography!

Posted on: March 24th, 2014 by admin

Runway Photos by Aaron Nicholas Photography

Friday night was Night 4 of Charleston Magazine’s Charleston Fashion Week and we could not have been more excited to be a part of it this year!

Out of Hand and Swoon walked together playing with the juxtaposition of light and airy, ethereal figures while Swoon featured chic separates and gowns, along with fabulous bags. All the girls wore headpieces from the fabulous ladies at Out of the Garden.

Our first look is this CP Shades dress and Brightly Twisted hand dyed, one of a kind scarf, paired with floral embroidered Old Gringo boots.OOHEvents-Swoon-CharlestonFashionWeek2014-5

Twine & Twig necklaces were the perfect accessory is to wear with this Jonny Was top and flowing linen Krisa pants!


Kerry Cassill floral top with Aryn K shorts Old Gringo boots make the perfect combination in this spring outfit!OOHEvents-Swoon-CharlestonFashionWeek2014-17

These silk Johnny Was pants, Groceries tee, and Subtle Luxury sweater make the cutest outfit that is ridiculously comfortable.

This look features a CP Shades dress and Vintage Junkies Jewelry.OOHEvents-Swoon-CharlestonFashionWeek2014-30

Z&L pants and a Freeway gold knitted top accented with Out of Hand‘s signature antlers.OOHEvents-Swoon-CharlestonFashionWeek2014-34


Biya dress by Johnnay Was clothing and CYDWOQ booties make for the perfect boho glam look.

This gorgeous two piece printed suit is from Parade.


Ted Baker makes amazing handbags but this pleated halter proves his gowns are just as fabulous!


Ring in spring in style with silk Nicole Miller dress and nude pumps.


This textured white suit by Yoanna Biraschi.


 This Raoul dress is absolutely beautiful!OOHEvents-Swoon-CharlestonFashionWeek2014-66

 This Ted Baker bag is everyone’s go to for spring and pairs perfectly with this Teri Jon cocktail dress!


This beaded masterpiece by Aidan Mattox.


 Our finale showstopper is this black gown from Halston Heritage and Swoon is the only boutique in Charleston to carry the line! Stop by and see us in the Old Village.


 Check out AaronNicholasPhoto.com to see more amazing photos!


Find us on Facebook to keep up with all the happenings at Swoon and Out of Hand, especially all the amazing trunk shows we have coming up!


Spring Cleaning with Viva Luxe Studios!

Posted on: March 13th, 2014 by admin

                                    In the midst of the heartache of iced bridges, I am guessing that you were struck with the spring fever that has roared through my house. Spring fever/cleaning can be everywhere from exhilarating to daunting to everywhere in between. To ease your fever, here are some spring things that I have been working on.

  In my home and in my design work for clients, my goal is always a happy home that provides spaces where your life can take place. Joyfully! Start by pinpointing the areas of your home that bring you stress, make you want to close the door and walk away, cause you to be apologetic when folks come over. I might also add that it is ok to be apologetic as long as you do so jokingly and truly don’t let it keep you down. For example, with a new baby in our house, there is a stroller here and a mamaroo there. I tell people don’t mind the mess and move on. I made the conscious decision that I wouldn’t let a little mess keep me down. But enough with the baby talk and onto the good stuff.

 The Unloved Room or Project

  Identify the room or project that is unfinished. Make a list of what you don’t like about it and begin to brainstorm how to make it better. Perhaps you don’t like your wall color. Easy fix!! Pick a new one. A few neutral, go to Sherwin Williams colors that I have been crushing on lately: Requisite Grey, Divine White, Shoji White, Indigo Batik and Agreeable Gray.


If you are feeling bold, go for it!! A shocking teal, a vibrant marigold, a lovely lavender…these will certainly mix things up.

Maybe your walls are fine but you don’t like the coloring of the things that are filling your space. Pick up some new lamps and pillows. These elements are crucial to the overall design of your room and can easily be updated to refresh your space. It is ok to be “over” that pillow from a few years ago in favor of some fantastic new pillows that you saw on One Kings Lane or Serena and Lily.


There are lots of ways to spruce things up. The task can be as simple as rearranging the top of your entry table or a mini bathroom renovation with new paint and trimmings. The point is to do it and do it now. So that come spring, happy with your space again, you are ready to go and tackle the sunshine.

Say you go with Shoji White on your bathroom walls….here are two fun fixes:

Round One  -  New Light!


New Shower Curtain!


New Cabinet Knobs!


Round 2  -  New Light?


New Shower Curtain!



New Cabinet Knobs!


Throw a little yastik down and you’re good to go!

Organize and Purge

Bring some method to the madness. BE BRUTALLY HONEST!! Are you really going to wear those jeans from 4 years ago? Are you going to eat all of those soups you stocked up on early in the winter? Probably not! Toss them, consign them, donate them. Bottom line being to get them out of your house. Take your closets one at a time from master closet to hall closet to laundry room closet. It sometimes helps to enlist the assistance of a trusted friend or spouse who can encourage you. For me, I can count on my husband, Matt, and my sister, Sally, to tell me when I am kidding myself. Less really is more. You are happier with what you have when you truly love what you keep. I also find that it helps you to see what you do need and can confidently purchase come springtime.

If you get really motivated, create a uniform storage situation. All the same tupperware, baskets, hangers…the more orderly things are, the more likely you are going to feel compelled to maintain it.

Get all the same hangers for your closet. All white plastic ones are great.


Or if you’re feeling like a splurge, these felt one are incredible.


Do you have some items that end up laying about your bedroom? A blanket that you use for sleeping only? Some shoes that never make it to the closet? Incorporate baskets into your interior design.



Give yourself a dedicated space for stuff to land. A tray on the kitchen counter. A bench in your entryway. Notice my little cowhide stool that sits next to the dresser in the entryway; this is where my purse lands as soon as I walk in the front door.

I could go on, and on, and on but I’m afraid my allotted words are all used up. I will leave you with a few closing thoughts.

Strike while the iron is hot and stick with it.

It is ok to admit that you made a wrong purchase or that you are over something from a few years ago. Being happy in your home is worth the expense of the new pillow.

Have fun!

Cheers to the coming spring!



Amy Luff

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, Amy McKinney Luff came of age in a town where gentile style mingles with the offbeat on a daily basis. Her aesthetic came to be a product of the history and classicism that exemplifies the South mixed with the nouveau fashion that brings forth trends and sets styles. Following her passion and years with one of Charleston’s most prestigious firms, she founded Viva Luxe, a brand that speaks to the neo-traditionalist, the sophisticated, the gypset.

How To Create A Fun And Unique Engagement Shoot with Clay Austin

Posted on: February 16th, 2014 by admin

For all of those who found themselves lucky in love this Valentine’s Day, here are some things to consider from one of our favorites, Clay Austin!amy-nic0562




Ahhh the engagement shoot! Hands down, definitely one of my favorite things to do as a wedding photographer! If you are on the fence about setting one up with your photographer before the big day, I am here to hopefully persuade you to go for it!

Lets start with a couple reasons why an engagement shoot is a must for all you blushing brides:

1) It gives you a great chance to get a feel for your photographer’s personality and how they like to shoot. This will go a long way come time for the BIG DAY

2) It provides you with a little taste of what it is like to be in front of the lens for an extended period of time. This will make you both much more comfortable being  photographed when the wedding rolls around.

3) You get great shots in a much more relaxed atmosphere!

 On board? Sweet!

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty, and chat about ways to make the shoot as fun and unique as humanly possible!


Choose a location(s) that represents who you are as a couple! If you like getting all dolled up and going out on the town, then aim for using the city as your playground. If your ideal date is more along the lines of a campfire and a picnic, then go tromp around in the country. Choosing the right location is definitely the best place to start. Shoot, I have done engagement sessions in a coffee shop before because it was one of those spots that they love to go together! Being in a place that you feel comfortable will do just that, make you feel comfortable, and that is the name of the game for getting great photos!





One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients is “what should I wear?” I always tell them “whatever you are most comfortable in” (starting to see a trend?) Now there are some asterisks’s to that statement! For instance sweatpants and a t-shirt, might be super comfortable, but aren’t going to make your parents happy when they see the photos, capeesh! Also, I always tell my clients to try and steer clear of really loud patterns or anything that might be distracting.





I LOVE LOVE using props! I use the word ‘props’ sort of loosely, because I consider anything from a football to a muscle car a ‘prop’. Interaction is key when it comes to picking something to bring on the shoot. Anything that can get you two laughing will make for some of the most authentic moments. Whether its pedaling your beach cruisers or sharing some cotton candy, genuine happiness will make for some of the best images.







Now this last one might not be for everyone, but if your up for it, it can be crazy fun and guarantee a flurry of Facebook likes! By theme, I mean choosing a specific idea or concept and basing everything I mentioned above, around that. For instance, I just did an engagement shoot that was in the spirit of the Wes Anderson classic, ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and it was by far some of the most fun I have had on an engagement shoot! So if you have a book, movie or just go nuts for dressing up in 50’s doo woop garb, definitely consider working it into your e-shoot, it will definitely be something to show your kids! :)




I hope I was able to shed some insight into helping you create the PERFECT engagement shoot that you and your soon-to-be spouse will remember forever. Heck, I hope I made it sound so fun that I caused some engagements just because you can’t wait to do the engagement shoot!

Have fun you crazy lovebirds!!




I consider myself to shoot in a modern / journalistic / “fly-on-the-wall” fashion. I try to be as unobtrusive as humanly possible, letting each moment unfold naturally instead of interrupting with directions. Believe me, if it were socially acceptable to wear ninja shoes to a wedding, I would!

Check out his website and find him on Facebook.

Valentine Packages from Out of Hand & Out of the Garden!

Posted on: February 13th, 2014 by admin
Head Over Heels     $125
A beautiful floral arrangement with “Soapology” brown sugar scrub & body cream to keep her fresh and lovely.
Love is in the Air     $148
A custom fresh floral arrangement accompanied by a bottle of “Tocca” perfume, the scent of romance for your true love.
I Love You Always
A monthly gift of flowers for your lady so she knows you are always thinking of her.
Choose between 3, 6, or 12 months of flowers
Starting at $50 per month plus delivery charge

Hello, Beautiful! $168

We’ll send a stunning floral arrangement, scented candle, and delicious bubble bath to pamper your special loved one.

Just My Cup of Tea!     $50
A vintage teacup filled to the brim with lovely florals and a trio of scented soaps; a perfect gift for Mom or Grandma.

You’re my Treasure     $98
A beautiful, fresh floral arrangement and a sweet pearl and leather necklace or bracelet by “Love, Nina Jane”. She’ll love the flowers and really enjoy wearing the jewelry.

Southern Classic     $135
Nothing could be lovelier than a potted orchid in lovely cache pot with fresh moss and kiwi vine.

Natural Love     $85
A funky and fun air plant terrarium for the women who is “au currant”.

Call 843.856.3585 to preorder for your special lady!

or to order online CLICK HERE!

How to Get the Perfect Wedding Hair with Charlotte Belk!

Posted on: January 30th, 2014 by admin

No one in Charleston knows hair quite like Charlotte Belk. We are delighted she is sharing her wisdom and favorite styles for brides with all of us.

I adore down styles with loose waves and barely any bobby pins. Teased with a little volume and polished to perfection, this look is one men seem to love and it is very natural. The one thing I will say about this look is that if your hair tends not to hold curl this is not the style for you. Also during the summer months, between non holding curl and humidity, it could be a disaster area. December to April and September to December brides, this look is best for you. If you do not mind your hair falling into more of a beachy wave textured look go for it. There are no products than can hold or tame this look during those summer months. The down styles look amazing pinned on one side or all down with a beautiful headband or nothing at all. Just be aware of how your hair reacts to certain conditions.
You can also pair a veil easily with a down style. Clip in extensions or tape in extensions also help in length and volume if needed.

photo 1.PNG




I love a bohemian relaxed hippie glam bride. Sometimes we leave the hair down center part with natural waves maybe throw in a flower wreath.
I created these hairstyles for brides who love braids but don’t want to look too trendy. The styles I try to stay away from are the braided updo’s that start at the beginning of the part and are braided around the head into the back. This is very hard sometimes for brides that do not have the hair thickness because It takes away from the actual updo as there is so much hair needed for just the braid. Needless to say this is a great style for people who have hair on the thicker side. Incorporating braids such as a regular one or a fishtail and kind-of piecing or pulling it apart creates a softer feel. For this style I feel flowers are a better hair piece to use or nothing at all because its so ornate.





One of my all time favorites, the vintage bride. Such an elegant timeless look which can range from the 20′s to the 50′s. This look is perfect paired with a softer, lighter shade of shadow and nice eyeliner and a red or dark red lip. You can also go more natural, I don’t think you can go wrong. This hair is such a statement piece.

Pin curls, old Hollywood glam waves and faux fingerwave’s exude this look. Hair generally collar bone length and above is better for this look because its easier to mold and not heavy and the hair thickness isn’t an issue. These hairstyles look fab paired with a vintage veil, hairpiece or bird cage veil. My favorite vintage hair piece designer is Treats For Tresses. I think this look will never grow old and it’s not one of the trendier looks.

photo 1-7

photo 4-3

photo 5-2


Intricate styled updo’s are amazing! Hair on the thicker side and longer than shoulder length are needed. Clip in and tape in extensions aid in this or a lovely hair insert called a doughnut.

These styles can be romantic and loose or more polished and no wave. Any hairpiece can go with these looks. Either a side swept soft bang a down the middle with loose prices falling cheek bone level or an all back with volume front are beautifully paired with this look.

They are very detailed and do take quite a bit of time but the outcome…WOW!

Usually if you bring a photo and like the front of one and back of another we can tweak to fit your face shape and style. Be prepared to pull out a lot of pins. These styles go with any dress are classic yet unique to the person and hair type. Wavy hair or curly hair looks amazing with this type of updo because of the texture it brings.





photo 3-10

Side updo’s are beautiful and youthful if done correctly they can really make a statement. I create side updo’s that are either soft side pony but not rubber banded I think this pulls us away from an actual pony tail and lends more to a sophisticated appearance creating more of an up with it. To more intricate side updo’s still keeping the hair low on the neckline and staying more side back than side. Then there is always the very romantic pieced unkempt side do that has a very natural appearance but still dressy. I love to pair all of these looks with hair pieces vintage or floral and a veil still works perfectly. Keep in mind pulling all of the hair to one side you need more hair to work with so it’s balanced. Hair on the thinner side may require clip or tape in extensions which I work with regularly and can be hidden nicely.




Charlotte Belk of Elysium Salon and Wedding Hair by Charlotte


Charlotte Belk, a South Carolina native started her career in Charleston in 2001. Since then her career has taken off in the beauty industry. An obsession with hair and make up since her early childhood meant it was only natural that she would open Elysium Salon with her husband in 2004. At the same time she expanded her business into Charleston’s niche wedding industry, providing superior hair and make up services to brides and wedding parties.

In 2012 Charlotte created the Wedding Hair By Charlotte Agency representing hair and make up artists with over 150 weddings in 2012 and 2013. During this same year she also created the Elysium Agency representing hair stylists, make up artists, photographers, videographers, and wardrobe stylists. The Elysium Agency in its first year have worked for and contributed to; The Ford Agency, Talbots, American Express, Fox News, Weddings Unveiled, Southern Wedding Magazine, Marie Claire, Bed Bath & Beyond to name a few.

Charlotte is a freelance hair and makeup artist working on runway, editorial, commercial and TV projects locally and Nationally.

She is married to husband Kevin Belk and they have two daughters Avery & Hayes.

Wedding Accents: Succulents!

Posted on: January 23rd, 2014 by admin

One of the biggest trends in wedding floral for 2014 will be succulents!


Their stylistic versatility and the fact that they are so easy to maintain makes them perfect for all day events.blogsucculent2


These plants are easy to transition from casual day weddings to elegant evening affairs, based on the type of container you use.


The deep purple and vibrant green contrast beautifully with the metallics of the copper container and mercury glass votives.


Here are some tips to help you maintain healthy, beautiful succulents in your home and fun facts about this interesting plant group.

Contrary to popular belief not all succulents are cacti, cacti are a sub group of the succulent family.

Succulents need bright light and should sit in a south- facing window.

They should be watered frequently in the warm, summer months but require much less in winter months. Over watering during those months can cause detrimental rot to your succulent.

To ensure the livelihood of your plant pot it in a fast draining mixture.

Never use fertilizer on your succulent in winter.

Photos by Sean Money and Elizabeth Fay!

Visit us in the Old Village to get yours!

Four Resolutions That Should be on Everyone’s List This Year By Shauna Mackenzie

Posted on: January 15th, 2014 by admin


Another year has gone by, and another list of resolutions has been torn up and trashed long ago. Every year it’s the same, we aim high and we fall hard. And every year we write out that list again, the same resolutions, the same outcome.

 This is the year to shake it up. Instead of writing the same old list you’ve written several times before, step outside the box and challenge yourself to a new set of ideas. Embrace who you are and work with what you can accomplish in 2014. Build confidence and be the better you. Below are a few fun and challenging resolutions that should be on everyone’s list for 2014.

Develop a Personal Style

Developing a personal style is an art, and it can be fun. It’s a way to get to know your own unique identity lurking under the surface. Your wardrobe and the way you carry yourself can help you build confidence, allow you to express yourself and your values, and it can capture your creative selfhood.

Spend an hour looking through magazines and Pinterest pages and make two piles: clothes/looks you absolutely love and clothes/looks you would never, ever showcase. After a while, you’ll start to see certain patterns emerge, and you’ll have a new sense of yourself and the look you want to achieve. Stick to what you love in 2014 to help you develop your very own look.

Work with You, Not Future You

We all have it in our minds that someday we’re going to be perfect. With a little more time and effort, we’ll achieve the look we’ve been striving for our whole lives. As if our perfect images are dangling on a fishing line right in front of us, but every time we go to grab it, it shifts away and out of reach.

If we spend our whole lives chasing the ideal, we’ll never learn to love and appreciate who we are now. Live in the moment. Embrace who you are and do all the things you’ve been putting off for when you’re thinner, richer, or more confident. You’ll build confidence along the way, and in the end, you’ll be able to say that you weren’t the person who let obstacles get in the way of happiness.

Reserve Judgment

We’ve all heard the phrase “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” before. But maybe if we were a little more flexible and open-minded, we could give others a second chance. This year, try to reserve final judgment until you’ve really gotten to know a person.

It’s only natural to judge a person by sight the first time you see them, so don’t worry about your first thoughts that pop into your head. But do try to think beyond those first thoughts and get to know the person before you make your final decision. You’ll find yourself opening up to a lot of new people and experiences and perhaps making great friends along the way.

Relax and Have Fun

No matter what our image or personal style goals are for 2014, remember that these resolutions are all about enriching our lives. Whether we want to be thinner, healthier, better dressed, or more caring, we are trying to achieve betterment through our actions and our character. Overall, we want to be happier and more fulfilled.

That’s why it’s important to remember to have fun and be creative with your resolutions. If it feels like work, we won’t want to do it. So make it feel like play. Take the time to challenge yourself: shop at a store that you once found intimidating, wear a color you’ve never worn but always wanted to, or let yourself be pampered. And pay it forward: compliment others on their style and dress, declutter and donate clothes to charity, and help others who seek style advice. Face any new challenge head on and make 2014 the year you stand out, for your style, your confidence, and your generosity.

About the AuthorShaunaMackenzie

Shauna Mackenzie is a small business expert and founder of Mark’d, Mackenzie Image Consulting, and the Studio for Image Professionals, an online interactive training hub that teaches aspiring image consultants how to start their image career.She’s been featured on CareerBuilder.com, Mint.com, in Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed Magazine, on Huffington Post, Successful Living Magazine, and featured regularly in local Charleston publications and news stations. She was also nominated as one of Charleston’s 40 under 40 by the Charleston Regional Business Journal in 2011 and recently one of Charleston’s Most Influential Women in Business.

Find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter

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